John Murray

Great concept and even better product. I am forever running out of business cards or just not having one when I need it. Over the years using paper cards, I have found you get a small amount of interaction from them. Even the cards I am given end up in my wallet or in my desk drawer. With the Go Digi Card. The contacts can be saved directly to your phone and best of all people interact with the things you want them to.
Over 300 interactions through my card in 2 weeks. Between website hits and direct bookings. Great product & the price of a months supply of generic cards. Highly recommended!

Nick Borgman

“If you are looking for state of the art Digital Business Cards to give you a winning edge then you should contact Wendy Stunt at Go DigiCard. Thank you Wendy, they are already winning new business”

Dr. Patrick J. Treacy 

Great idea as it creates a digital business hub that allows my clients to pick and choose how they connect with me. One can list standard contact information, my social networks all in the one place and I can use my Wikipedia entry as a type of info center, which I can link to my emails etc. I feel that it POSSIBLY works better on smartphones (iPhones and Samsung) than desktops.

Sharon Johnston

Thank you so much Wendy Stunt for my new digital business card. I am delighted with the design and all the contact and detail links that are easily accessible. Now I don’t have to rummage in my bag for my business cards. You offer a very efficient service and it’s great value for money. I will be recommending Go DigiCard to everyone!